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A four week trip through Argentina, from the falls of Iguazú in the north, to Humahuaca in the north-west, and all the way to the deep south of Tierra del Fuego.
Another four week trip to South America, this time to the Long Thin Country, from Arica in the far north and back to the southern lands of Patagonia.
Deep's Big Fat Indian Wedding gave us the perfect excuse for a four week trip through parts of India.
The starting point for our world trip. Green, peaceful Uruguay, in a world of its own.
The mystery of landlocked Paraguay, deep in the centre of South America, home of dictators and despots, of Mennonites and of Guarani.
A whirlwind of cultures and sights, fascinating despite the abundance of turistas on the gringo-trail.
A couple of weeks touring through this Banana Republic par excellence, home of Panama hats and the Avenida de los Volcanes which runs like a spine through the country.
Four months of RV'ing from coast to coast, and we still only scratched the surface of this giant country, eh!
Exploring Southern China, with a memorable Christmas spent on the train to Kunming and a New Year's Eve dancing with the locals high up in Tiger Leaping "George".
Home of the best paté baguettes this side of the Seine!
Vietnam at its most colourful, during the Tet festival.
Harrowing stories of life and death under the Khmer Rouge, and the original Indy/Lara temples in the jungle.

Our favourite Asian country - colourful and very, very tasty!

We thought we knew about open spaces ... until we visited Namibia, with its massive African skies. A month of camping on the roof and lovely evenings by the camp fire.

From rhinos and elephants in the northeast to fine wines and a short stay in a famous prison in the southwest. There's a Big Hole somewhere in the middle too.

We warmed to the friendly Poles on our first pass through the northern part of Poland, on our way to and from "the Baltics". Teutonic Knights, Hitler's Wolf's Lair and lake hopping, followed by our first visit to a part of the former USSR, and now feeling very European, right at the very centre of Europe in fact (according to a couple of French geographers), and then back to Poland for magnificent forests and chilling concentration camps.

We took a break to catch up with family and friends, and do some research on the options for where to move after our epic trip.

Second half of the Polish tour, with chilling former concentration camps and exuberant peasant festivals bringing together cultures from across Europe and Central Asia, along with a short but memorable visit into Slovakia, which packed a punch with an unassailable mighty castle and paradise on earth.

The landlocked sea of Hungary, where Europe somehow starts to look very different. We sampled the delights of the Valley of the Beautiful Women, went deep underground, and plucked our own paprikas.
Wrapping up the trip without end, celebrating with a couple of beers, and a few more, before starting the journey home - but where would that be?!
A short break closer to home, enjoying cycling around Texel, with a pancake here and there along the way.
Sleeping (shivering) under stars deep in the Sahara, with the best company we could ever have hoped for - Walid, Farhad, Abdul Menem, Sayyid Mohammed and Bu Bakr.
Together with Mark and Elisa we mooched round majestic medieval mosques, sample some superb sherries, and "conquered" the Iberian peninsula's second highest peak.

When can we go back!? NYC seems to belong to everyone, truly where the world meets. Mysterious sights from the top of the ESB at night, bewildering monumental modern art at Beacon, and those pizzas, oh those pizzas.

Dealing with some unfinished world trip business, and only managing to scratch the surface in a month. Walking with sulphur miners to the heart of a volcano and seeing Komodo dragons in the wild.
A short break for some leaf-peeping.
A short break for some pizza, volcanoes and limoncello.
A tour around Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Croatia, aka 4/7ths of Former Yugoslavia (we'll come back for the rest).

North Korea (2012)

Scotland - Northern Highlands (2012)

Scotland - Islay (2013)

Portugal - Douro (2013)

Iceland - Reykjavik and Golden Circle (2013)

Japan (2014)