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In March-April 2001 we went on holiday to Argentina, for a month. It was more than a "conventional" holiday, but not travel in the independent sense either. We produced our own itinerary and made a lot of advance bookings independently and with the help of TravelBag. Looking back on it, that was no mean feat, and it all worked out beautifully. What we lost in spontaneity, we more than made up for with the sights we saw and the things we did. It really was a dream holiday. Aah, Patagoniaah...

We went for four weeks and wanted to see lots of different places. Buenos Aires was our hub for getting around this vast country (eighth largest in the world?) We travelled to IguazĂș, for the incredible waterfalls, to Salta, in the northwest of the country, to Bariloche, in the Argentinean "lake district" at the northern border of Patagonia, to Tierra del Fuego, the "end of the world", and back up via El Calafate, by the spectacular glaciers running down from the ice-caps that lie over the southern Andes, finally ending our journey with a few days in Buenos Aires.

During our holiday we did all sorts of stuff that we had never dreamed of before. Somehow it all came so easy and we were in the right frame of mind to give anything a go, whether it was jungle walking, trout fishing, horse-riding, hot air ballooning, paragliding, or simply driving right to the very end of the very last road on earth (assuming there are no "roads" on Antarctica?), until we could go no further. And best of all, whilst we were knackered by the end of it all, we felt on top of the world. Holidays don't come better than this we thought, and although Chile and India have been spectacular in their own ways, Argentina will always have a special meaning for us as our first "proper" trip.

We missed out on large chunks of Argentina. For example, we never even went near the wine districts around Mendoza, or whale country around the Peninsula Valdes (it's that sticky-out bit below the bay south of Viedma on the map above, and apparently a unique place for whale-watching - we thought about going there as the first stop on our world travels but it wouldn't be the right time of year, October is the right season).