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We had planned an early-ish start today and by 8am were on our way to the Brazilian side of the falls. It is said that Argentina has the falls and Brazil the views. How true!

Even though it’s only about 30km away, the drive took an hour. The roads here are paved but bumpy and the average speed seems to be no more than 50km/h. There were several hotels along the main road to the border. The people there must be peeved – no views and nothing in sight to do.

The Brazilian border appeared to be more of a military checkpoint. Stef had taken some photos along the way but our driver expressly told us not to photograph the border. Even though they’re only separated by the Iguazu river, Argentina and Brazil have a very different feel. Brazil appears much less affluent.

That said, they have a very western approach to their tourist views of the falls. Formal visitor centre, with obligatory shop, fast food café, buses laid on.

The views from the Brazilian side are stunning. We went out along the walkway that you can see from the Argentinean side. Fortunately we came prepared with our jackets so we didn’t get too wet. We had a coffee at the end of the walk and headed back to the Sheraton for lunch and our flight on to Salta.

We arrived at Salta a little late but it was cool. So refreshing after the heat and humidity of Iguazu and Yacutinga. It’s a tiny airport and we seem to be the only tourists here! You can never get a true fell of a place at night but our first impressions of Salta weren’t great. It’s the largest town in the north-west region of Argentina and as with Buenos Aires it’s spread over a wide distance. Called Salta the Beautiful, it doesn’t seem that way at first sight.

Our hotel is OK, clean, comfy bed. We had called from the Sheraton to ensure that our tickets for the Tren a las Nubes had arrived. All seemed OK. When we got to the hotel there was a note in Spanish about our excursion at 6.55. We took this to mean we needed to be at the train for this time.

Quick dinner in the café next door and then bed with a 5.30 wake up call pending.