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Big falls, little boat

We decided against the Brazilian side of the falls and went on the “Great Adventure”. We had a choice of the wet one or the dry one and chose the former. They weren’t joking! The trip started with a 4km drive through the jungle. We saw massive spiders in webs strung across the road and had a running commentary on the jungle flora and fauna. Palm trees near to extinction, vines, bromeliads, orchids, butterflies. Then a climb down to the river. The water level was low today, about 5m down. The level rises and falls very quickly depending on the level of rain. Into a power dinghy. We started in calm quiet water and progressed through the rapids to the base of the waterfall. The views were fantastic. We had seen the falls top-down yesterday and were impressed but this was so much better.

As promised we got wet, very wet! The boat went right up to the falls and the force of the spray took your breath away. Then we went back, and back and back again until we were thoroughly soaked. Looking forward to seeing the video!

Back to the hotel to dry out, have a cool drink and then get ready for the start of our next adventure, Yacutinga Lodge. The lodge opened just over a year ago and really has the feel of a life’s dream realised. It has been carved out of the middle of the jungle and everything has been made from local materials by the fifteen people who run the lodge.