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First picture!

Left home at time expected. An all time record for Stef and Ness! Tried to get new camera to work on Heathrow Express. Disaster! It doesn’t. Panic at Heathrow to buy a new camera. Instead of simple compact camera ended up with an SLR (?) with two different lenses and a big instruction book. Best laid plans!

Flight to Charles de Gaulle went OK except the lady next to us who wanted to talk all the way. Feigned tiredness. Very impressed with CDG. Last time we flew through there it was a very old fashioned terminal which wasn’t very nice. This one was new & glass throughout. Definitely designed for Japanese tourist. Very exclusive boutiques in place of normal duty free. Tried for extra leg room seats on the 737-200 but failed!

Woke up this morning full of cold. Not relishing the prospect of a long haul air-conditioned flight.