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Luxury, we got up at 10am, our latest start for the whole holiday. Although we’ve had a long and sound sleep we both still feel weary. The excesses of the last few days have taken their toll and we have agreed to have a lazy day.

After breakfast we ambled down to Recoleta. It’s one of the main areas in BA and has a grassy square lined by bars and restaurants. You could be in Paris or any major continental European city. It’s hot, sunny and we have sought shelter in a café.

I think we will enjoy BA when we come back at the end of our holiday. It has the feel of somewhere I would like to live and that’s based on the small area we have seen so far. Our hotel seems to be in a Kensington/Chelsea/Knightsbridge type of area. Exclusive boutiquey shops with fantastic clothes. This is a city that dresses up during the day and “goes to town” in the evenings based on some of the gowns on display.

We only had a short time to explore and headed back to the hotel and airport for our flight to Ushuaia, the most southerly populated place on earth. On the plane we both crashed out and slept most of the way. Avis were on form. Their office was closed and when they did open they tried to give us a car with a very badly cracked windscreen. Another addition to the complaints log.

We have hired a card from Localiza and headed into town to tourist info for maps and info on what’s on in Ushuaia. Then off to our hotel about 2km outside of town. As we drove up my heart sank and I feared a repeat of Mascardi. There was one car in the car park and the place looked deserted. It is quiet but there are other people here so there is a buzz of humanity. Our room is fine and in the daylight we should have a view across the Beagle Channel [directly across the road]. We ran the risk of eating in the hotel and were pleasantly surprised. From a wide menu we both chose salmon and probably got 8oz. each. Accompanied by a bottle of wine we’re making our plans for what we’ll do in Ushuaia, catching up with this diary and looking forward to another good night’s sleep.