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Freebie courtesy of the Starwood points accumulated while working at TUI
More freebies, and the view is simply priceless!

Air France long haul similar to Continental last year but this plane had touch sensitive films. Opted for the sensible sleep option (partly because film is in Spanish & French only!)

Hit by the heat at Buenos Aires, 28° & humid. We’d forgotten to buy a phrase book before we left and tried to at the airport. We did with some success. It’s Spanish-to-English rather than English-to-Spanish, ah well. Stef’s in the swing of things already and starting to pick up Spanish. Helpful as I sent his coffee flying.

The airport is crazy. Loads of unofficial taxis touting for business. Transferred to Jorge Newberry. Stef spotted an earlier flight to Iguazú which was a godsend. The airport is very small with not much to do. We would have had to spend four hours there! We’ll see enough of it over the next few weeks so were glad to get away.

Driving through BA we felt as if we were in Italy. Arriving at Iguazú we were definitely in sub-tropical Argentina. It’s very humid and very green but quite civilised and European in a strange way.

We’re staying one night at the Sheraton through Stef’s Starwood scheme. Not only were we personally met by a manager, we had an upgrade to a suite and complimentary vino and fruit basket.

In the early evening we got our first taste of the falls by walking the superior and inferior routes. The falls are stunning. One minute you’re in total quiet in the jungle, the next you have millions of gallons of water crashing all around you.

A couple of cocktails, food then bed. Hopefully my cold will be gone tomorrow.

Forgot to mention the stars. Totally different to the UK. So many and so bright. We saw three shooting stars in the space of about 10 minutes.