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So its farewell to Toronto. We said goodbye to Joanne and Harry and headed out of town in Morty. The roads out were busy as we expected but we were soon northbound on route 400 working our way around Georgian Bay. We had been told that by now the leaves outside of Toronto would all have fallen so we were pleasantly surprised to see trees still in their full autumn colours. It is a sight to be seen and one that I would love to come and see again.

A couple of hours down the road and the landscape had started to change. Gone were the tree lined sides of the road. Instead they were replaced by rocky stretches with little vegetation. Here, as in many parts of Canada we have been though, roadworks are underway and the single carriageway roads look as if they are being widened to dual carriageway at least. We stopped in Foots Bay for a comfort break and a bite of lunch before carrying on North.

There is a campsite open on Georgian Bay at a small village called Killarney and that was our destination for today. It was a 60km ish detour off down a rough paved road but through some beautiful countryside. The area here is popular with hunters and there are signs for lodges along the way and a couple of outfitters who provide hunting equipment. Killarney village appeared and with it the signs to the Roche Rouge campground.

Here we were met by a friendly lady who had that small town inbred sort of look to her. She lives here with her two sisters, brother and father but it was nto really clear what they did. The sites have water but no power but compensate with great views out over Georgian Bay and level ground. They told us that they have a baby bear who comes to the house so not to be alarmed if we see it. They think that its mother has been killed by hunters and that it is now on its own. They are feeding the bear which is not really a good idea and is something they should not really do.

Not having used Morty’s facilities for a while we needed to empty and refresh our water tanks and also buy some food. With no dump station at the campsite we had to go to the National Park site about ten minutes back the way we had just come. The campsite here was pretty large and all set in beautiful woodland. It was officially closed and there was no water or power but there were a few people still camping here. We found the dump station and emptied our tanks then headed into town to buy some food.

Sunset over Georgian Bay

It reminded me of Nuevo Berlin in Uruguay, a sleepy little village on the edge of water with not much to it and not much going on. There was a liquor store and the village general store which the people at the campsite had told us would have everything we could possibly need. It did have quite a range of different bits and pieces but as it is now the off season they only get deliveries of fresh food once a week.

The fruit and veg had seen better days but were in a much healthier state than the steaks that had turned a light brown colour. As it was still nice weather, Stef had set his heart on having a barbecue and would not be deterred. I gave up trying to persuade him to go for bacon instead and left him to it. He assured me that the steaks on the next layer down looked OK and I took his word for it. It was only later when the shop was shut that I unwrapped the steaks and found that they looked no better than the first ones we had seen. We cooked them through well and still ate them and so far are not suffering any ill effects.

When we got back to the campsite we took advantage of the sunset to take some good photos of Morty. Before we knew it the sun had gone down and as we got a good campfire going the skies were lit from below the horizon in the fabulous mix of reds, oranges and blues that only a sunset can bring. After dinner we stayed outside star gazing for a while. It was a totally clear sky and we could see the Milky Way and the odd shooting star. Stef had also spotted a couple of satellites arcing through the sky at a steady constant pace.

It was not long before the fresh air overcame us and tiredness set in. Even though it was still early the lure of being curled up in our own bed on board Morty for the first time in ten days won us over and we said farewell to the night sky and crashed out.