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Mont Louis Fishing Fleet

As the campsite cafe opens for breakfast we succumbed to temptation and spent a leisurely couple of hours over bacon, eggs, coffee and tea, watching the sea in the hope of seeing more whales and thinking through plans for the next couple of days. Mont Louis is a tiny village but it, and the campsite, have captured us and we have decided to stay another night. The only minor potential drawback was that as we had breakfast a big trailer parked next door, slightly blocking our view. We had the option to change sites but chose not to, as it later turned out a wise move on our part.

We headed down to the beach to explore the rock pools. With the tide out wide expanses of flat black rock had been exposed. It was almost like flint. In a few parts grey (granite?) and marbley strata were visible. We crunched our way over the rocks trying to avoid as many shells as possible - we probably decimated thousands. The whole area was strewn with tiny mussels, either in clusters at the dge of rocks or strung out in lines along the faults in the rock. Apart from the mussels we only saw a few starfish and some seaweed. The pools did not have an obvious (to us at any rate) variety of marine life.

As the rise slowly came in we worked our way around the bay stopping off to do some local shopping along the way. At the camping shop Stef bought a new flask (he had left the last one somewhere in South America not expecting to need it) and we also got a new barbecue, our last one died being dismantled - so much for portable and re-useable! We stopped at the grocery shop for food for dinner then carried on around to the other end of the bay to the fishing harbour and fresh fish shop. I think I had expected to see a wider choice of fish but it could juts have been that we were here too late in the day. The people in front of us bought two carrier bags of dried, salted cod. I am intrigued to know what they will do with it all. Our final stop was at the smoke house. Not really needing any more food by that stage we bought a token tub of smoked trout paste. The woman in this last shop had watched us walking around the bay, past her and then back to her and commented that it was a long walk. No-one else here seems to walk, they all get in their cars to drive even if its just for a short distance.

Gone to the woods with my chopper

Rain had been threatening all afternoon but thankfully had not arrived. It was hotter than yesterday and also slightly humid. The skies were leaden and full of black clouds. When we got back to Mortimer our new neighbours were relaxing in sun loungers and we quickly got chatting. They live not far from Roulottes Gilbert, the company we bought Mortimer from, and confirmed that they are a good dealer.

They, Robert and Patricia, were impressed that we had taken a year out to travel. They like to travel too, many by boat and coach cruises. During the rest of the afternoon and evening they took us under their wing and into the comparative luxury of their trailer. Robert is a well equipped traveler and after a couple of minutes watching us trying to assemble a mini hibachi barbecue with a penknife he produced a full set of screwdrivers etc all neat and tidy in their purpose built carry case. Next we had tomatoes from their garden and then big shrimps with a chilli sauce.

We had all off and on been dodging the rain showers that started but lasted only a few minutes each. Finally it rained persistently and we succumbed to the indoors. As we were getting ourselves sorted we were summoned across to take more comfortable refuge in their trailer. With the biggest rum and coke I have had in years in hand, we settled down for more friendly banter. Their trailer was incredible. It had a proper double bed in a bedroom at the back. The bathroom had a corner shower cubicle, bigger than we would be able to fit into our bathroom at home! The rest of the trailer, including the bits that extend out on the side, had a dining table and chairs, three seater settee, two armchairs, full size kitchen and big TV/DVD/stereo centre. Their previous trailer, that they part exchanged because it was too big, also had a washing machine, tumble dryer and ice machine and god only knows what else!

Stef downed his rum pretty quickly and was given another one so by the time we left about an hour later he was a bit squiffy. As we were pondering what to do for dinner Patricia was back again insisting we went to eat with them, which we did. More rum and coke, red wine and sambuca for Stef meant he was well and truly pickled by the time we got back to Mortimer. We have exchanged contact details and are welcome to stay with them when we pass through Montreal again in a few weeks.