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Category: Canada (2005, world trip)

Today the rain had come back and it was pouring really hard. Joanne’s directions to the local laundry resulted in a walk much longer than either of us had expected and we had to hide our clean clothes under our coats on the way back to keep them dry! We sorted out what we needed to take with us to Florida and then headed into Toronto to mooch about.

I had really felt like just having a lazy Saturday not doing much, the same way that we would at home. It is one of the things that I miss the most about travelling because you feel obliged to be out and about seeing things. Today was not really a day that either of us wanted to sight see, I think we had both reached Toronto overload. Stef feels like he is one of the locals!! Nevertheless we headed back out into town after saying goodbye to Joanne. She is off today visiting friends in Niagara and we will not see her again until we get back to Toronto on Wednesday.

We camped out in the Indigo bookstore and caught up on the latest news on hurricane Wilma. It is well and truly headed for Florida but I had an email from my sister Beccie to say that the Sarney family were on their way and they sent us a text message to confirm they were on their flight to the US. All should be OK, we are probably just in for a bit of wet and windy weather in the US.

Wanting something to do for the evening we had looked in the local listings papers. Tonight in Toronto there is the world championship of … wait for it … Rock, Paper, Scissors. You know the game kids play where paper wraps stone, stone blunts scissors and scissors cuts paper. We were intrigued and tempted to have a look but a quick trip to their website changed our minds. It looks like an annual contest for nerdy students which seems to be pretty big in the US and Canada.

We opted instead to go for the third time this week to the cinema. I am not sure if a film about a plane crash was really what most people would see the day before they fly but it was Hollywood after all. I enjoyed Flight Plan but Stef spent the next day dissecting the film and finding holes in the plot (which were valid) so it has slightly taken the edge off it.