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We kind of saw the sun rise but it was not quite as we had planned. Rather than being sat outside with cups of tea and coffee and camera to hand Stef woke up and said "Ness, have you seen the sunrise?". I twisted round, looked out of the window, grunted "yes, it looks great" and we both went back to sleep!

A clear day, but where is the horizon?
 McLobster is back! (oh no!)

Having had an unexpectedly long drive yesterday we have decided to stay close today and do a short hop to Moncton. As it is a university town we are also hoping to get internet access. The short hop was very short and within thirty minutes we were checked in to our next campsite, City Trailers RV park, just outside town. It is a kind of camping hell for us - no tents in sight just big trailers and motor homes here and the individual pitches are also quite small.

We drove on to Magnetic Hill, now a theme park with big outdoor pools, a zoo, mini train and wharf full of cafes. It was all built around the Magnetic Hill, an optical illusion that makes you think your car is rolling up hill. It is quite clever but a $5 fee to have a g is really a bit of a rip off. I think we had more fun driving past the local McDonalds that was proudly proclaiming that the McLobster is back - the new lobster season started last week and it seems that even Maccie D's gets in on the scene!

Heading into Moncton itself we drove along Mountain which, like arterial roads into cities the world over took us through out of town shopping malls and some of the less attractive parts of town (we have assumed!). The lady at Tourist Information was very friendly and confirmed we had not yet seen the old part of town. She also told us that there was an internet cafe here. There is and we can connect up and it is a high speed connection - at last.

Things then started to go wrong. For some reason our web host failed to collect our annual subscription so our site has been unavailable for a while. That problem was easily sorted but when we checked the site we found that the forum section had been hacked. Some little "darling" had changed titles and permissions and had tried to lock us out of our site. Stef has regained control but we are not sure if the hacker will be back. We also had a couple of dodgy Russians join the forum member list adding messages with a link to a Russian pharmaceuticals site - they are no more either!

As the connection was fast we spent a few hours uploading photos and they are nearly up to date. Its just diaries and emails to go. Tired, we opted for another easy dinner and stopped en route to get a Chinese take away. Very tasty but hastily finished as the mossies also got hungry. We retreated inside and I managed to get my written diary up to date again, the first time in ages!