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We spent most of today at the campsite catching up on diaries and other paperwork only heading into town late in the afternoon. We had decided to head for the pictures again, this time to the Tinseltown cinema in the International Village.

The village seemed to mainly be a shopping mall with smart looking clothes and furniture shops on the ground floor and art shops and a food hall on the second floor. The food hall reflected the international taste. Based in Chinatown it was a selection of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and, oddly, Mexican, fast food outlets.

At the cinema we saw Goodbye and Good luck, based on the true story of CBS news reporters standing up against McCarthy’s anti-communist activity in the US. In black and white it combined old news reel footage with modern cinematography and told a chilling tale. For a supposedly free and democratic country, McCarthy certainly seems to have made life difficult for many people, unjustly accusing them of crimes they did not commit.

After the film we headed back to the Steamworks Brewery for a bite to eat. This part of town was full of people streaming out of the Grey Cups final as the stadium is just by Chinatown. We spent a pleasant couple of hours eating, drinking and pondering how to spend our last week in Canada. We are heading over to Vancouver Island tomorrow and want to spend most of the week there. The only problem is that we have to be back mid-week to pick up our passports and Chinese visas. We decided to try the Consulate tomorrow to see if they can push our applications through their express route and pick them up tomorrow.

It was a clear night sky and stars were out twinkling away. The downside was that it was very cold, so cold that when we got back to the campsite we had ice on the inside of the windscreen and skylight windows. As it was late already, and beyond the "quiet time" cut off, we could not start up the engine to thaw out and went to bed with extra layers on hoping we would not be too cold overnight.