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Today we had a lazy day catching up on ourselves. We decided not to head for Thunder Bay or to go back into Sault Ste Marie but to just stay on the campsite. We did a big load of laundry, both got our diaries up to date and had another swim, this time with the pool to ourselves.

The campsite now seems to be empty apart from us. During the day they have been moving some of the big trailers around getting them ready to be stored for winter. When I was doing the laundry this morning I got chatting to a retired lady who has one of the seasonal sites here. She and her husband have been coming and spending the summer here for the last five or six years. They only live in The Soo, half an hour away, but prefer it to staying in their mobile home in the town. There are new owners at the campsite and this year this elderly couple have been helping out with running the site, getting their spot free of charge in return.

I have now worked my way through our campsite guide to check to see what our options will be as we move westwards. While many campgrounds are closing in Ontario and Manitoba once we get to Alberta and British Columbia there appear to be a lot that are open all year. We will need to check though to ensure that yesterday’s “open” experience is not repeated.