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We are both quite chilled and have decided to stay at the campsite another day. We washed up from last night, had breakfast and washed up again. We need to pay for the extra night and buy some more wood for the fire.

Quiet day at the campground

Not wanting to be asking stupid questions for the third day on the trot I had a quick look to see if I could sort our waste water and sewage problem. It was a simple matter of gravity. Rather than putting the outflow pipe under the hatch i.e., straight onto the floor, Stef had pulled it through the side compartment hatch on the van. This meant the waste had to flow uphill to get out which it obviously cannot do easily. The problem is not entirely sorted though. Our outflow pipe is only about six inches off the ground, the same height as the entry into the drain so we still have a gravity problem. Most of the trailers and vans have a much greater ground clearance so no doubt we will have this problem a few more times yet.

As we are staying for a catch up day we put a load of washing on while having showers and then had our next challenge - fixing up a washing line to dry our clothes. Our awning provided a great place until the wind got a bit high. Seeing others around us take down their awnings we decided to follow suit and I made up a makeshift line across our bed for the bits that were still a bit soggy.

We spent most of the day writing our diaries, updating the web and enjoying the sunshine. At around 4pm we finally dragged ourselves out to the shops to get some food for dinner and a few other bits and pieces. When we got back to the campsite someone had pinched the fire wood we had bought this morning. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, people must have though we had left the site leaving the wood behind us. It only costs a few dollars a bundle but its the principle the really narks. We have been back for an hour and as yet no one has come forward to return our wood - bloody Frenchies!!