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Looks like he's been here for a while

Before leaving Trois Pistoles we went and checked our email quickly. We have not come across many places with internet access so as well as being behind on updating our website I am also well behind on emails - sorry all!

We had a slow, easy, pootle north along the coast stopping for provisions along the way at Rimouski. The St Lawrence River is now so wide that it is a struggle to see the north shore. It is probably now sea rather than river. The light here reminds me of St Ives in Cornwall - it has a magical quality that gives an enticing edge to everything we pass along the way. The colour of the sea changes from black to slate grey to a deep purple/mauve colour. In the early afternoon we stopped at a little village, pulling in to a roadside rest place and has some lunch. It was cool and pretty windy but with the benefit of cooking facilities on board we were soon warmed up with soup and hot drinks.

At Rimouski we went in search of a small portable barbecue. We have disposable ones but would prefer a small one that we can re-use and stash in the back of Mortimer. The supermarket sent us to Wal-Mart who had one that looked guaranteed to fall apart after one use. All the others that were small and would fit the bill were propane fuelled gas burners, in effect a hob for ouside use. Lots of RV's (recreational vehicles) have them but it is not what we are after. They sent us on to the Carrefour centre and with no luck at Zellers we went on to Canadian Tire. With a name like that I had expected I had not expected success. The shop was a mix between Halfords and a sports shop/outdoor shop. They had the same selection of mega grills that we had seen in other places but also had a cheap portable one with detachable legs. I joked to Stef that having now bought the barbecue the weather would probably be too bad to use it.

We called it a halt for the day at Cap Chat. The wind had picked up and our campsite was right on the sea. As we drove in we followed another Roadtrek, older but bigger than ours. As Stef booked us in for the night the other Roadtrek was driving back out and I though they had decided it was too windy to stay. They did come back though.

In contemplative mood

The campsite was small but had everything we needed. There were a couple of other motor-homes and a few people camping in tents. Rather them than me  - the wind by now was pretty fierce. We decided it was a bit too blowy for an al fresco dinner deiipte having a brand new barbecue and just made it comfy indoors. The view out to sea was undisturbed, apart from the clouds and the storm rolling our way. When it came, the rain was pretty fierce but it only lasted for fifteen minutes or so. The strong winds quickly blew the storm inland and I watched the skies ahead getting darker and darker as those behind and above us cleared to yield a crisp night sky.

I started the mammoth task of getting diaries up to date but abandoned it as Stef started cooking. What was meant to be an simple dinner resulted in too many questions for me to concentrate. We tried a couple of new games from the card games book we have bought in Montreal. Tablanette we decided was not much fun, it ends up being too one sided, but we quite like California Jack, a trick taking game. I really need my sister Beccie for this game as she always seemed good at remembering which cards had been played when we played card games at home (or was it, as with Monopoly, just more cheating on the sly -only she knows!!).

With the landscape becoming more hilly we again seem to have problems with the fridge. It could just be that the gases it runs off need time to settle but we are not sure. We opted to run it off the mains until morning and then see what happens.