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UNESCO prettiness of Lijiang
Dongba shaman

Neither of us could get up the will power to do much today so we ended up having a very lazy day indeed. Our room rate included breakfast at a local café and we made it in time for a bowl of noodles that tasted like Spaghetti Bolognese to me. We popped down to the flight shop that Ellie and Eric had used to check times of flights to Jinhong and then went back to our room and back to bed for a few hours. I am sure we have had lie ins before now on our trip but not as late as today’s. I got up at around noon but Stef stayed in bed for another hour or so. It was absolutely great!

We spent some time catching up on bits and pieces so it was about four o’clock before we made it out into town. It was a really sunny day and very warm, my coat came off and my fleece was not far behind. With no real plan of what we were doing other than stretching our legs we just ambled about for a bit, soaking up the sun and the atmosphere. Lijiang is a really pleasant place to stroll around despite the hordes of tourists and all the tat that is on sale for them.

At one of the cafes on “hungry hill” we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner, opting to go for another Naxi hot pot. Having enjoyed the one we had on New Year’s Eve so much we should have known that this one would not be as good. It was a bit on the bland side and the meatballs turned out to be bits of fatty meat covered in some sort of batter than disintegrated gradually the longer they were in the hot pot. I think other tourists had more fun looking at us eating the hot pot than we had eating it. The fire came from lumps of paraffin gel that were a bit hyperactive in the breeze that was blowing. I came close to losing my eyelashes and eyebrows a couple of times.

Having had some fresh air we headed back to the hotel to chill out again only venturing out again later at night for a bit of supper. We went across the road from the hotel to Lamu’s House of Tibet, which comes highly praised in Lonely Planet, who recommend that you try their momo dumplings. We should know better by now but we tried the dumplings and were both very disappointed. There used to be a small Tibetan restaurant on Leicester Square in London and their dumplings and Tibetan butter tea were much better than Lamu’s. The place had no character either, although this could have been due to the chain smoking American backpackers who were happily sharing their conversation (as well as their smoke) with everyone else in the place.

Unimpressed we headed back to our hotel which good intentions of getting up earlier and being more active tomorrow!