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We had a very soft landing after such a long time away from home and spent the first few months readjusting. You can read all about that elsewhere on our site. Of course we had often talked about home, about seeing family and friends again, and about things we missed (being curled up on our own settee scored highly!) We didn't really have a "home" we were returning to though, as our own house was still being rented out and we had already made the decision to move to North Berwick and make a new home there. So we were still in a limbo even when we came back. The world trip had definitely changed something in us though, giving us a wider frame of reference about the world.

Did we learn great wisdoms? Feel enriched? Gained deep insights in the cultures and peoples of the world? etc. Who knows? The travel experiences just became a part of us and got under our skins. Would we do it again? Yes! (but we would probably try to be a bit more budget-conscious next time round!)