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Not surprisingly, we woke up feeling rather worse for wear this morning. I think I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol. Ness fared rather better and was just worried about me looking so green and making noises that she thought I might be sick at the breakfast table! We showered, dressed, packed and checked out. The hotel van brought us to the garage where Eddie had been parked.

Ness drove while I just suffered my hangover as it got worse and simply let the countryside pass me by. Now and then I blinked open one eye and peeked out but mostly I slept as we headed for Prague. Ness told me there was nothing noteworthy or especially scenic along the way. We had not really planned on revisiting Prague but it became a late addition to our itinerary, which has always been pretty flexible to say the least! But now we were quite excited about revisiting the city where we had celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and which we still remember so fondly, even more so than other city breaks I think.

But our first priority was to find a hotel, and for me to recover fully, before heading off to go sightseeing. We managed to navigate the pretty full-on traffic, coming in from the south and heading in the right direction for our Best Western (we had gone for convenience), or more correctly, the “Hotel Best Western Meteor Plaza”. The hotel was centrally located near the Prašná Brána, the 65m-tall Powder Tower, one of eight medieval gate-towers that once guarded the Staré Město. We parked Eddie, checked in and settled in our comfortable and characterful hotel room – of the reliable BW 4* standard.

First things first, something to eat – we walked out and found … McDonald’s, and had some burgers, despite attempts to find something more Czech but not a full sit-down meal (we failed). I went to sleep and snoozed in our room for a while to sleep off the remains of my hangover, Ness read or played solitaire on the laptop, and we relaxed. A couple of hours later I was finally ready to rejoin the land of the living, and we went out in search of a pizza, preferably to take back to our room and with TV with/by. By now I was feeling fully recovered… Anyway, we just ended up going for a quick meal at a nice restaurant across the road, a little more informal than the very smart, and atmospheric, restaurant in the medieval cellar of the hotel.

That was about it for today really. We were happy to wait with the sightseeing until tomorrow. At many places, “tabaks” and similar outlets, we kept seeing a display with a number in red, but had no idea what it meant. We presumed some kind of lottery, but never did get round to asking and finding out. Back at the hotel we nodded off. Ness was beginning to get a fluffy nose and generally feeling coldy.