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We did a bit of shopping in Maastricht for “Dutchables” and then drove to Zeebrugge, via Wezembeek-Oppem to collect some things. Mama had already travelled to Reading to be there for Woody’s birthday in a few days time, so we simply popped in and out and drove on to Zeebrugge, where we boarded our ferry and watched the activity on the docks as the stevedores loaded ships in quick tempo. The attentive smiling Filipino + Eastern Europen waiters and crew made all the difference, and presented Ness with a delicate flower fashioned out of a paper napkin. The ferry ride to Hull was great, a relaxed way of travelling, with comfortable cabins, good food in the ship’s smart Four Seasons restaurant, and the gentle rolling of the boat as we crossed the North Sea during the night.

"The End" / "Fin" / "Slot" / etc.