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Hauling the catch at Salinas
Happy on the beach

We had a slow start. I had spent an our or so yesterday typing up diaries and did some more this morning. We had breakfast in our room overlooking the bay while we did more bits to bring the website up to date. There is an internet connection here so we will probably spend today updating the site then move on tomorrow.

Despite this being on the best hotels in town (Casino Calypsso) their internet connection does not work!. We found an internet cafe, our diaries went through OK but the connection was too slow to do pictures. Then disaster struck twice. Firstly our website crashed. Stef tried to check with our web host to see what was up but could get no information. We still do not know what was wrong but after twenty minutes or so it had sorted itself out so it must have been a problem at their end.

The bigger disaster was our flights out of Quito. We checked availability on American Airlines website. Some seats are free but not many. We called to reserve places only to be told that for our OneWorld tickets there is no availability until September! This is not what we had bargained on. Neither of us want to be in Ecuador for another month. We were told that we were put on standby and that all we can do is check with the Quito office, or go to the airport each day to see if there is space. The problem seems to be partly because our itinerary has us making this flight on 1st September (we're early because we did not go to Bolivia) but also because it is a busy route with Americans on holiday. American Airlines only hub through Miami so we cannot even change our flight plans to go a different way. When we called to check the latter Stef spoke to a different person who was more helpful and who thinks we will probably get flights without a problem. They have booked us onto the Miami-Montreal leg so at least we will not get stuck in Miami.

This was a bit of a shock to us, not just because of the immediate problem but also because it has taken away some flexibility. It means that we need to book future legs much further in advance than we want to, neither of us want to time box what we do in each country. My sister Beccie got a running update as this was happening - it was about 4pm UK time when we were online and we we're mailing each other for a while. I finally had to tell her to go and do some work!! It was great to have an online chat though.

We spent the rest of the day lazing on the beach. I was offered the usual collection of local stuff, including the wooden cars (they grow balsa wood near here and make all sorts of household bits). They were also today doing a line in what I reckon must have been dodgy CD's. Stef tested the water again and this time did something that could pass for swimming rather than just floating.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped for a drink and decided to go for cocktails. Our of the four we had between us, none of them tasted as we expected them to. A little squiffy by this time it seemed, as we ambled along the beach, like a good idea  to stop for another drink before we ate. Playing safe with a beer we ordered two and got two plastic cups that I reckon held a litre each and a small glass glass to drink it from. Common sense had well and truly gone by now and most of the beer was drunk. This was one of a very few boozy nights since we left home and neither of us really enjoyed the feeling - we really are getting old!!