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I woke this morning with the realisation that the bug that had hit Stef in Phnom Penh had well and truly come to pay me a visit and I was definitely not up to being out and about. I could not face the thought of food and left Stef to venture down to breakfast on his own. He came back a while later with a big grin on his face and a detailed report of how good it was especially the local Malaysian food – he had had beef curry, coconut rice and sambal chilli sauce.

The day was a bit of a wipe out for me as all I could bring myself to do was watch TV (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was my afternoon entertainment) and read my book. Stef opted not to go and start to explore on his own but used the day to start to bring the photos on our website up to date as for the first time in a while we had a fast and reliable internet connection.

I made it out in the evening for a brief stroll around the block. It was just before nine when we went out and the city was still full of life with people shopping, eating and simply out and about for the evening. Again this was a stark contrast to the last few weeks where the locals have been up at five in the morning and tucked up in bed well before ten at night. There was a real mix of people here – Indians, Chinese, Western, Arabs – as well as the signs that this is a Muslim country. It seemed strange to see Starbucks, KFC and McDonalds again.

We opted for a Japanese restaurant for dinner, a meal that Stef again really enjoyed but I picked at still not really feeling up to eating. We were back in our hotel and tucked up in bed reasonably early for yet another good night’s sleep.