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Little boxes full of Chinese

Most of this morning vanished in another attempt to get our picture albums up to date on our website. We finally headed out a bit before midday in search of the British Airways office to confirm our flights home and to check options for getting to Africa. We both knew we should have double checked their address before we left the hotel but attempts to call them met an engaged tone so we assumed they had not moved.

As you can guess they had moved. We walked around getting hotter and stickier trying to find their office, realising again that the maps in Lonely Planet are desperately in need of an update. We gave up and headed for the KLCC where we knew we would find a travel agent who could hopefully help. Although they could not do the ticket bookings for us they did give us a new address for BA which turned out to be just the Cathay Pacific office.

Here we queued for what felt like ages before we were served. We initially had the run around that as we had no onward flights with Cathay Pacific they could not help us but in they end we walked out with what we wanted. It means we have had to time box our stay in Malaysia but at least we have certainty of flights and have time to prepare ourselves for our Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong to Johannesburg to Windhoek flight connections that will probably take over a day to complete!

By the time we left Cathay Pacific it was already late afternoon and as we still had bus tickets to sort for tomorrow we knew that any last sightseeing was now out of the question. We hopped onto the monorail to work our way down to Puduraya bus station, changing at Hang Tuah onto a different line run by a different company. Although you had to leave one station, walk down the road a bit and buy a ticket at the next station, the distance involved was only the same as many interchanges on London Underground.

The bus station was the same as bus stations we have now seen in many places. Lots of dubious looking food stalls filled a dingy looking building with people sat happily munching away. The ticket office was a separate section with lots of glass fronted small cabins. Outside each cabin someone, usually a man, was shouting out the destinations their company served doing their best to grab our attention so they could get our business. Behind the glass was normally a woman who issued the tickets and took your cash.

Being old hands now at bus stations we took our time, looking for ourselves at what the options were and checking out a couple of different companies, the times the left and their prices. They all seemed to offer a similar deal the only real difference being the time of departure. In the end we went back to the first one we tried and booked for the 9:00 bus tomorrow.

Stef plucked up courage and tried the durian - once was enough!

We took the train back towards our hotel but stopped off at the Times Square shopping centre on the way. This looks very new and some of the units are still empty. It is home to a Debenhams department store as well as Borders bookshop, Mothercare and Watsons pharmacy (that we saw often in Canada). The centre also has an indoor amusement park, complete with roller coaster ride, a multiplex cinema and an IMAX. We went to see what was on at the IMAX and had even bought tickets before realising that I had read my watch wrong and the show did not start for an hour. With a refund in hand we headed back to our hotel and the coolness of the pool.

Although there were more people in the pool today there were no French kiddies splashing about and being gently scolded by their parents for disrupting the peace and quiet. The water was again very cool and refreshing but as today was cloudier than yesterday it was not long before we were both feeling cold and got out. We lazed about for a bit reading until rain stopped play and we headed upstairs to shower, change and go for dinner.

We ended up back in the same place we had gone to on our first night. Stef was itching to try more of the street stalls but with me still having slightly dodgy guts he relented and went for somewhere that looked more hygienic. Whether it actually is or not I have no idea!