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Today turned into a bit of a boring admin day. We were up late and after having breakfast headed back to our room and started to catch up again on our diaries and picture uploads. I ended up spending most of the day working on this while Stef went out to run some errands – filters for his new lens and getting information on flights to and from Borneo. We don’t really want to fly, partly because it’s pricey and partly because you don’t really see much along the way, but time is against us and we don’t really have an option.

Stef came back looking a little bit frazzled. I don’t think he has enjoyed his little trip which took in the eastern side of Singapore’s famous shopping street Orchard Road, as well as a couple of shopping centres. He says that Singapore is geared towards car traffic rather than pedestrian which I suspect may just be a comparative thing as we’ve been in small towns lately.

In the evening we went for a wander up Mohamed Sultan Road, just opposite our hotel. Lonely Planet lists a few bars and eateries along here. To start with it was a little like walking in a ghost town. Large office and apartment blocks lined the roads and there were few people in sight. The bars were up at the other end by River Valley Road where there is a little strips of places to go to. From their look and feel some would not be out of place in the UK, the only thing that really told you you were in Asia were their names.

Cocktails at the day-bed-bar, reclining on our trendy white bed

We had an amble up and down and ended up in the Day Bed Bar, a new place that is only three weeks old. Their full menu starts tomorrow and they have their official opening on Friday. We had initially walked past it without going in because it looked a bit of a strange place. The walls, floor, ceiling, furniture were all in white and white net curtains were billowing from the windows. It all created a bit of a surreal impression. The staff were also dressed in white uniforms.

There is a small section with tables in a separate room at the front which led into the main bar. The bar stretched along the left hand side wall and was very glitzy with a large flat screen TV showing the Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator. A DJ is housed at the back of the bar but its main feature is along the right hand side. Here, on a raised platform are individual “cubicles” each of which is a day bed, again all in white with tables that you can put on the bed to rest your drinks. We chatted briefly to the American owner who explained that it will be open 24 hours a day as a café in the early hours and the daytime turning into a bar/restaurant at night. He still has some work to do with his staff because they are not very familiar with the drinks they serve and my Mai Tai was very different to any I have ever had before!

We stopped for a couple of cocktails before heading over the road for something to eat. A promising looking Italian beckoned but the menu was disappointing. It was too late to head on and find somewhere else so we stayed anyway. I had the special of the day which was an OK pizza, the best part of which was the two free glasses of wine that came with it! The road was even quieter on our way back to our hotel and before long we were tucked up in bed.