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Colourful fishing boat in crystal clear water
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"Aah" moment

We had good intentions of being more active today but they turned out to be short lived. There are a few trails through the island that connect up so that you can do a round circuit. We set off down the beach going up a very decorative staircase to them come down into the next bay. Here the local fishing fleet were at rest, the day’s catch already done and dusted. The men were now dealing with their domestic chores, washing clothes and chatting to each other.

On the hillside were the remains of some old chalets and small hotels. One was very definitely deserted but with another we could not decide if it had just not yet opened for the season. It will need a fresh lick of paint if it is opening. We found the trail to connect through to the next bay and set off. It was a very narrow path and pretty overgrown so you were continually moving branches and twigs out of the way. We fully expected the path to get worse further up and decided it was a long trousers job, a problem as Stef only had his shorts on and me a sarong.

Rather than battling through we decided to turn back knowing that there was always tomorrow still in hand to do the walk. This meant that unfortunately we had to spend another day simply relaxing on the beach and taking the odd dip in the South China Sea – such hardship!

Even as late as six in the evening it was still warm enough to be out on the beach and taking a swim and we made the most of the chance to do so with a late dip. A local man was standing near the shore with a bag of bread feeding the fish. This had the great effect of stopping the kids in a Swedish family from scrapping with each other as they went over to join him. It seems to be a daily routing and one I found surprising. This area is a marine park and I would nto have thought they would want the fish to become dependent on humans for food.

We had a few more rounds of Gin Rummy, a couple of beers and dinner in the hotel before hitting the beach again for more star gazing. Most people seemed to be either on the beach or just sat on their balconies enjoying the relative cool of the night air, the peace, quiet and tranquillity.