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Southern African brands: Knorr pap mix, KOO hot'n'spicy chakalaka, farm kudu droewors and Tafel lager
Heading back into the tropics (Stef's star sign)
Wet in Windhoek

During the night I had heard a storm raging outside but from the sounds of it compared to what we had experienced at Luderitz last night it was a mere puff of wind. Even so I was glad that we were in four walls and I had a really good night’s sleep. Having missed out on our braai and campfire last night because it was too wet, and we were too tired, we decided to at least light a fire this morning. While Stef got the logs going outside I got the sausages going inside on the cooker. Three of the six of our eggs that had been frozen a few nights ago looked well enough to be eaten and along with a grilled tomato they contributed to a mega feast of a breakfast.

We ate outside, enjoying the view across the reservoir which is created by the Hardap dam. The area is popular for fishing and water sports and I had heard the fishermen getting up and out much earlier this morning. We just opted for a lazy breakfast knowing that what we didn’t eat would either get thrown away or left for the cleaners if they wanted it. It took us a while to pack up, making the transition from dusty 4x4 back to hotel style living but before long we were back on the road and heading up to Windhoek for the last time.

More spectacular views greeted us on the way to Windhoek. Every time we thought we had seen the biggest view we could ever see another one came our way. It really is a stunning place to come to unless you like being crammed into a city with thousands of other people. Rain threatened pretty much all the way but held off while we stopped again for more photos at the Tropic of Capricorn. Here we finally used our jerry cans of fuel that we have carried around with us for the last few weeks, glad that we hadn’t had t use them. It did rain on our way back though and it was still drizzling as we made it back to Windhoek. We stopped briefly at the Maerua Mall to check what was on at the cinema to see if it was worth coming here tonight but there wasn’t a film that we both wanted to see. In the last few weeks the new wing of the mall has opened up bringing a whole new selection of stores to the people of Windhoek.

We then made our way back to Pension Moni where again we were met with a friendly welcome from Marita. We had the same room as last time and were soon ensconced in familiar surroundings with all of our stuff taken out of the back of the truck. No more scrabbling around in the back for me thank you very much. As with the last time we were here, within about twenty minutes of us getting into our room the heavens opened and heavy rain came down.

Later in the afternoon we had to take our 4x4 back to Camping Car Hire. It has been a great way to travel around the country but we have both added to a list of improvements to the current design that we would make to give an easier camping experience. CCH were friendly and efficient as ever, checking that all was OK with the car and they we had returned everything intact. They dropped us back of at the Moni, opting not to cross the small stream that Stef had driven through to get here but taking a slightly longer route.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling out and catching up on diaries. Knowing it was Easter Monday, a holiday day, we knew that everything would be shut in town including options for somewhere to go to eat. Our penultimate night in Windhoek was therefore a repeat of our first night and we ordered take out pizza and had a night in in front of the telly. Great.