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Zebra hugs
Yellow-billed hornbill

The clocks went back last night so we were treated to an extra hour in bed. Even so we were still up and awake at 6:00am in time to see a fantastic sunset through the mossie net of our tent. Both wide awake we decided to get up and out quickly to try and see if the early morning would enable us to see some different animals. By 6:30 we were on the road with a full flask of coffee serving as breakfast on the go.

We headed down to the waterhole at Olifantsbad, passing yet another family of giraffe on the way, hoping to see some of its namesake but there was nothing there. We carried on to the waterhole at Aus but again were out of luck again. We saw so many animals yesterday, both in terms of different types and quantity that we are really hoping today to see rhinos or elephants, knowing that it is very unlikely. Everything else now slots into normal and expected sightings and the thrill and excitement of those spottings is diminishing.

On our way back to Okaukuejo we passed a fresh kill site with black backed jackals prowling around a dead springbok. I am sure it was not there when we had come this way an hour or so earlier and from the look of the dead animal I think it may have been struck by a car. About eight jackals were prowling around but only one was brave, or hungry, enough to be actually eating.

At some stage we did see a new animal, a black faced impala, but that was the only main addition to our list. We asked at the parks office about new sightings and were told that someone yesterday had seen a rhino just off the main tarmac road into the park. We quickly hopped back into our truck and set off again driving slowly and scanning the road as we went but with no luck.

We were both glad we had made it up and out early because there were few people out and about but even so it was disappointing not to have spotted more “new” animals. When we got back to the campsite we changed site to a nicer spot that had already been occupied when we arrived yesterday. We had breakfast, long showers, aired our bedding and relaxed for a couple of hours before heading for the park’s internet café. We were glad we did not have to rely on their expertise to get a connection because the lady running it really seemed to have no clue at all.

In the afternoon we headed out to the western part of the park, again on the hunt for elephant and rhino. Leeubron and Spokieswoud came and went but apart from birds and the usual animals we have seen over the last day or so we again had no new sightings. Back at camp a British family had set up next to us. The husband had spent a week on safari in Namibia last year and they are now here for a two week family holiday touring around and camping. Their two daughters still seemed irritable and tired from the long haul flight and I got the feeling that the wife wasn’t particularly impressed with this type of holiday either. It was very definitely Dad’s idea of a place to go!

Stef supplied yet another great campfire and we had another barbecued dinner before heading off to the waterhole to see if there were any signs of life. The British family were coming back from there as we headed out and they told us there were still lots of people there sitting around chatting and making lots of noise. Predictably we saw nothing and it wasn’t long before we were back at out site and tucked up in bed.