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Bums on the beach
Inquisitive little chap

With a nice warm room to stay in we both slept in and then had a lazy morning, knowing that as it was Sunday there was little point in rushing to get out and about as most things would be closed. In the afternoon we went for an amble around town which, as predicted, was pretty deserted. On the road running along the side of the lighthouse Zimbabwean traders had set out their stalls on the pavement selling wood carvings and textiles. This was really the only true African sight we saw all day.

Swakopmund is a very German place. The old buildings all have a very German feel to them from the hotels to the legislative and administrative offices. But the benefit of it being Sunday was that with no traffic we were able to get some pretty good photos of the buildings with clear and uninterrupted views. In some ways though we could have been in Canada or the US. All of the streets were very wide, definitely geared up for motorised traffic. Where “new” buildings have gone up they tended to be anonymous low rise characterless box shaped buildings.

Tucked away in a little courtyard we found the cinema which looks like it just has one screen that shows different films about four or five times a day. Round the corner were a couple of “gentleman’s outfitter” type stores that sold everything you could possibly want to wear on your safari around Namibia. Beige clothes are almost a uniform here. We also found the Brauhaus, a typical German eatery which we will come back to tomorrow when it’s open.

We made our way down to the beach and headed for The Tug, a restaurant that has been built around … yes you guessed it, an old tug boat. A family were in having a big meal which looked like it was a celebration of a christening or some other religious event. Apart from them and a family of four, whose kids smashed glasses and they just sat there doing nothing about it, we were the only people there. Being so close to the sea we had a light fish lunch which was superb, we can definitely recommend the place.

The beach then beckoned and our sandals came off and our trousers were rolled up as we went for a stroll along the shore. We had to dip our toes into the Atlantic but it was a bit of a shock. The water was so cold that your ankles froze up initially only thawing out after a few minutes. Stef persevered longer than me, despite also getting a very good soaking from a rogue wave that caught him unawares.

As we reached the quay we decided to go and sit on the point watching the waves roll in and the seals just lying there taking a nap. People went very close up to the seals but they simply ignored them and carried on snoozing. The Lighthouse Bar beckoned again for a sundowner but this time the cold got the better of us and rather than getting our fleeces and carrying on drinking we headed back to the warmth of our hotel room for a few hours.

The restaurant next door provided our meal for the night. It is yet another place focussing on the local sea food, or feesh, as they like to call it (the owners are Greek). We had a tasty meal but the cold got to us and we were soon back in our room and tucked up for the night.