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What a night! I was awake for most of it from about 2am with pretty horrific sickness and diarrhea and in the morning had a pounding headache and felt lousy. I knew I would not make it on the Sacred Valley tour and was quietly pleased when Stef also stayed behind even though I had told him to go.

He must have been thoroughly bored. Its Sunday so everything in town in shut. There were sounds of some sort of procession in town and Stef went to see. Turns out its the weekly parade of all the local professions and trades (this country likes its marching processions). I have only seen it through pictures because I was still curled up in bed when he got back late morning.

I finally got up at around 12, showered and knew something was wrong. I again felt lousy - pounding head, nauseous, short of breath. Stef called a doctor and yes, the altitude sickness has struck me down again. My oxygen levels are OK but only because my heart is working overtime to achieve this. I do not have a temperature but have a gassy tummy and am reliably informed that the diarrhea will continue!. I was left 300 soles poorer and with tablets for altitude sickness, nausea, strong pain killers for my headache, a PerĂºvian version of Pepto-Bismol for my stomach, bottles of electrolight drink and three puncture wounds - 2 unsuccessful attempts to inject my veins with a painkiller to ease my headache, one successful attempt on my hip. It does not look like they have very fine needles over here - I look like I have got a vampire bite on my arm!

The rest of the day I dozed feeling pretty lousy and contemplating how I could still get Stef to go to Machu Picchu tomorrow even if I cannot make it. As its lower altitude than Cuzco the doctor said I should be fine and that it would be good for me.

I really do not remember much else about today. I was amazed at how much I slept - I suppose it is one of the body's natural healing remedies.