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I am still not feeling great and stayed in bed while Stef went down to breakfast. Probably much to his irritation I was flaked out all morning as we did not make it out for a final look around Lima before we left. I am not really that bothered. I have not warmed to the city and have no burning desire to stay or to come back.

At lunchtime we headed to the airport to catch our flight to Trujillo in the north. The flight is a bit of a luxury but I do not think I would cope with the eight hour bus ride just yet. On the departure side there is the usual queue and lengthy process to check in. Our request for extra leg room was acknowledged but not carried out in practice. It is a LanPer├║ flight and unlike StarPer├║ they like to cram people in.

Arrival in Trujillo

With time to kill we had some lunch and I am ashamed to say we went to McDonalds. They are used to an international clientele here and they have the menu in English as well as Spanish (not that you really need the translation). Freshly cooked it was actually very tasty.

On board, we changed seats for more leg room but also to get away from the man next to me - ultimate flight nightmare he had a very unwashed odour about him. Stef is hooked again on the Su Doku puzzle book that Caz and Andy gave him before we left. He has worked out a strategy for completing them which is fine for the mild and difficult puzzles but is not working on the fiendish ones. We had a half baked attempt at solving the latest ones but spent more time watching Just for Laughs (Canadian version of Candid Camera).

The airport at Trujillo is just by the sea. The cloud cover here is the same as Lima - low flying for most of the year. We suddenly broke through the clouds, were above the sea and then touched down. It would get very wet if they ran out of runway on take off! As the airport is tiny we quickly got our bags and found the driver who had come to meet us. We had the inevitable tours spiel from him and even at the hotel they were telling us how he is cheaper than the tour companies in town. If he spoke English we might have bee persuaded but my Spanish is not good enough for tours in Spanish.

Our room is basic but OK. We have a lot of space and a comfy bed. I crashed out again while Stef went off to explore a bit. check information on tours and see what our options are for leaving. He came back armed with information, we booked a tour by phone, caught a taxi to the bus station to get our tickets (an eight and a half hour night bus - doubt it will be comfy) and headed to the Plaza de Armas.

The main square was quite pretty with the usual combination of statue, flower beds, cathedral etc. Here though there were no cafes or restaurants on the square, it was all commercial. There is a slower, more relaxed pace and very few tourists in sight.