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A record - our shortest diary entry yet!!


Needs no explanation!

I feel lousy again today. It is meant to be our sight seeing in Arequipa day before moving on tomorrow to Puno and Lake Titicaca. None of that is going to happen. I'm still full of cold and my ears haven't popped fully yet. Stef brought me breakfast in bed reporting with dismay that "the place is full of Americans". He left me in bed and went for breakfast.

We have spent the day at the hotel. In the garden I wanted to be in the shade (the sun is very bright) but was cold in the breeze and had on Stef's fleece. An odd contrast to the bikini clad sunbathers around the pool. We spent the day updating this site and catching up on mail and our diaries. I had not written mine for 3 days - it is amazing how hard it is to remember back just that short space of time!