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Another early start. We again have to be at the airport at least ninety minutes before our flight so our taxi is booked for 5:30am. Stef is feeling better but I am still not great. I am spacey and have frequent trips to the loo - not great when you are flying.

At the airport there was no queue for check in - we flew with StarPerú, most are with LanPerú - so there was no real need for us to be there as early as we were. We paid our departure tax and sat down to wait out the time to our flight. Stef was rejuvenated by coffee and empanadas. I was glad we were near the Ladies! StarPerú was a good choice with loads of leg room (why can't all airlines do this?) and comfy seats. Before long we were back in Lima.

We have splashed out here on an expensive hotel (Hotel Maury) and they came to meet us at the airport (for a fee!). Both being under the weather we wanted a little extra comfort and luxury, something like the Las Margaritas (business) hotel we had stayed at in Asunción in Paraguay. Listed in Lonely Planet as "recently renovated, doing well for it, borders on the top end, thumbs up from readers" we thought we had hit home. Walking through the lobby I was not so sure. The entrance is very grand and ornate but it has a tinge of a bygone era about it, similar to the Gran Hotel de Salto in Uruguay. Our room is large and comfortable but again has a dated feel. Rationalising it as I wrote this diary the only things its really missing are free high speed internet connection and staff who speak English - not really high priorities in the overall scale of things.

We both simply flaked out for a while. I think the early starts and the strain of high altitude have taken their toll. Stef's ears still have not popped from the flight so he went off in search of a pharmacy to get them sorted. I kept running to the loo and by the time he was back we were at the stage where we knew we needed to get a doctor again. Lonely Planet provided a recommendation, Jorge Bazan, who would come to the hotel later in the afternoon.

By this stage Stef was crawling the walls like a caged animal so I made a shopping list of bits to do so I could send him out into town. As he was about to leave his tummy rumbled and he dashed to the loo - he has succumbed to what ever it is that I have got. Captive in our room for the day we spent the afternoon reading and watching TV (Discovery Channel Victorian era version of Jaws). Stef was feeling hot and cold and got into bed.

By the time the doctor arrived, Stef felt more in need of him than me. Jorge was very friendly and is used to dealing with travelers complaints. We ran through where we had been and how we have felt over the last few days and he confirmed that some of my symptoms are side effects of PeptoBismol. He seems sure that we have just picked up a bacterial infection somewhere along the way. Stef also has a high temperature. More electrolight to  drink, a short course of antibiotics and another 200soles later he left. The pharmacy dropped off our prescription (they all do a home delivery service in Perú) having initially been cautious as this area of Lima is apparently dangerous at night (a bit concerning because it was not even 7pm when they came)!

By this time Stef was well and truly burning up so I tucked him up in bed and left him to doze. Neither of us feels like eating again but I am conscious that for me this means I have only had a few dry biscuits since breakfast on Saturday. Much as I want/need to lose weight this is not the best way to do it!!