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So, we came back "home" a year after we had left. Well, that is what we and our families and friends thought but we still had the appetite, means and opportunity for a little "travel pudding". This had been in the backs of our minds for some time but we didn't know whether it would be possible. First we spent a hectic month touring around, visiting family and friends, and doing some groundwork for a possible move away from London. By the end of June we were definitely ready for a break, in the form of more travel! After stopping off in Brussels to visit Stef's mum again we drove east in our trusty VW Golf, nicknamed "Eddie" (Steady Eddie). We had a rather loose itinerary in mind, basically covering northern Poland and the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and then heading south to cover central and southern Poland, Slovakia, "Czechia" and Hungary, as well as Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria (we didn't make it to the latter three).

Note: We have been uploading pictures on a regular basis, but it'll take us a little longer to do the diary updates!