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Relaxing surroundings
Couple of local of musicians

Shouldn’t take too long to cover today … basically, more of the same as yesterday. Another lazy morning, woke up to the sounds of bonking and moaning above us, and we went to the spa for 11.30 for our first bath. Same lady as yesterday morning, slightly different bath – the same mineral water but with the addition of a jug of dark liquid, and … soak.

We had more time between baths this time so instead of staying in the quiet room we went for a drink at a café, on the veranda of an old wooden building, one of the former hotels/guesthouses from bygone days (peeking inside was revealing – the remaining furniture and wall arrangements were enough to give you a good picture of the communal, communist, atmosphere that must have reigned). We played gin rummy on the veranda, returned briefly to the hotel and came out again later on, for session number two, an underwater massage. I had to keep swimming trunks on this time. The treatment basically consisted of being massaged with a very high-powered water jet while lying in the bath. The woman manipulating the hose worked her way up and down your legs, arms, back and front.

Again, I felt very relaxed after all this, but the novelty from yesterday had already worn off a little. After the second bath we wandered back along the promenade by the river, passing an elderly couple of buskers, accordion player and fiddle. A bit further along the park-like surroundings we had a drink at the smart Colonnade café, à la Orangerie. And back to the hotel. In the evening we went out to Nostalgija again for dinner – it stays light until very late, past ten o’clock. We were back in our room for an early-ish night and had another relaxing night’s sleep. Oh, and I uploaded more pictures.