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Clear skies and water at Plettenberg Bay
Fishing at Buffalo Bay
Aah, fresh air, give me more!

We had another lie in this morning and were still slow to get ourselves up and about. I think it’s mainly because we are in a seaside part of the world and we’ve both slipped easily out of travel mode and into holiday mode. It will have to change soon though as we still have loads to see and not much time left to see it in.

In the morning we headed back to the mall and tried a different internet café which had a slightly faster connection. We’ve now managed to upload all of our photos from Namibia so only have the South Africa ones to catch up on. It will still take a few hours to do that so we’ll try and gradually work our way through it. We stopped at a local cafe for a bite of lunch before making out way back down the coast a bit to Knysna where we planned to stay for a couple of nights.

The tourist information office had up to date information on accommodation availability, or so we thought. We wanted to stay on the coast not on the lagoon which Knysna is situated around and that limited our options quite a bit. We found a place we liked the look of and went to their office in town only to find that they had no self catering places available. The lady there was really friendly though and called a place further on down the coast at Buffalo Bay. Her son works in the restaurant there and above the restaurants they had holiday flats which sounded pretty good.

We popped into the Spar for our daily shop and then headed down the coast taking the turn off for Buffalo Bay. The scenery here really is breathtaking and I can fully understand why people come here for a few weeks in the summer. Buffalo Bay is no exception. It’s a few kilometres away from the main N2 and there is not a lot here apart from a shop, one restaurant and lots and lots of holiday homes. Only 22 people are permanent residents here.

Miriam gave us a friendly welcome and we had a choice of their flats. We opted for number 6 which had the best views out and over the bay. A chap in full wet suit was kite surfing his way along the bay and he really picked up speed. The bay itself is beautiful with a wide clean sandy beach on one side and a rocky inlet on the other. We dumped our stuff and went for a stroll the fading light. Being on the Indian Ocean we had expected warmish water but it was pretty cold underfoot. We were also welcomed by the same sand shells that we had come across lots of in Ecuador. They still gave us both the creepy crawlies especially as these ones were bigger and you could more easily see them crawling about on the sand. Yuk.

We spent the evening in our lounge overlooking the bay and seeing the lights of other small villages further along the coast. The sea kept us company with the waves crashing onto the beach and it was supremely peaceful and quiet.