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We both slept really well, surprising because the bed didn’t look as if it was going to yield a good night’s sleep. We’re waking later and later each day at the moment and we again had a slow and lazy start. As we have run out of clean clothes, Stef went in search of the laundromat on the campsite and we spent most of the day just chilling out and catching up on our diaries. It’s a very peaceful and quiet spot here and you can simply enjoy watching the trees and the birds out of the window.

In the evening we headed back into town. It was still totally quiet although a few other people were around and about. We headed back to the Italian restaurant we had stopped at for a while yesterday and had a very tasty pizza while we spent more time on line. We were back at our little cabin quite early. As we hadn’t been there all night it felt quite cold inside so we were soon tucked up under the covers in bed.