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There are lots of celebrations today. Firstly it’s my Dad’s birthday but it is also Tet or Chinese New Year, Chuc Mung Nam Moi. To celebrate both we had a totally lazy day.

Picture uploads on our website are grounding to a halt to Stef decided we needed to cull some volume. We had a bit of a disagreement on the definition of “cull” with me as usual wanting to chuck more than Stef so rather than having a big barney I left him to it. Unfortunately the weather here today has been pretty crap so rather than enjoying a day soaking up the sun around the pool or on the beach I chilled out in our room reading my book and watching TV.

Calls home in the evening to wish my Dad Happy Birthday and to generally say hello confirmed that all seems well back in Europe. We went back over the road in the evening for something to eat and then headed off for an early night. It’s tiring all this travelling!